Parental coaching

Parental Coaching

Creating a stronger foundation upon which your family can grow.

Becoming parents is potentially one of the most exciting life events a couple will go through, but making the transition from couple to family can sometimes prove more stressful than expected! Life changes when children come along and many couples are just not expecting that! The many options around antenatal education can be mind boggling and with so much choice it can be difficult to choose what is right for you as a couple. By engaging in a programme with Simply Coaching, you will gain deeper insight into what being parents will mean for you and ensure a smoother transition into your new role.

Programme Content

The programme consists of five sessions covering the following topics:

Session 1 - What Kind Of Parent Will You Be?

Exploring your influences and ideas around parenting and managing your expectations about your partner as a mother or father.

Session 2 - Strengths and Values

What are you good at and what do you value about yourself, your partner, your relationship and wider circle?...How does this apply to parenting?

Session 3 - Expectations

What are your expectations of yourself, your partner, your family and friends. How will things work on a practical level when juggling the extra 'baby' ball.

Session 4 - Being Ready

What else do you need to do before welcoming your baby....exploring where you are at and filling in any gaps to ensure that you are in a good place mentally and emotionally and feeling prepared.

Session 5 - Birth Debrief

This final session is offered in your home during the first few months following the birth and is a lovely opportunity for Meg to meet with you and your baby and chat through the birth. Sometimes the  birth experience turns out to be quite different to what you were expecting and can leave you feeling emotionally raw. If left unaddressed, this may cause issues later in your relationship manifesting itself through poor communication, loss of intimacy and emotional instability. Exploring the birth story in a structured way with a knowledgeable and empathic medical professional, gives the opportunity to gain greater insight into what happened and why, helping to secure your emotional recovery as a couple.

With fifteen years experience as a midwife and five years of specialising in birth debrief, Meg is well placed to provide this niche service as part of the Parental Coaching programme.