Corporate Paternity Coaching

Corporate Paternity Coaching

Becoming a father is a momentous event in a man's life and one to be celebrated! Recognition of the fact that life will change when 'baby makes three' is as beneficial for the employer as it is the employee.

Benefits for Employees

Pregnancy and early parenthood can bring a whole new range of emotion and responsibility for supportive partners. The art of remaining fully present in the workplace, whilst being involved in the pregnancy and newborn phase can be quite a juggling act. Having the opportunity to explore potential hurdles and making plans can be beneficial in ensuring a smooth transition into the new role of working father.

Benefits for Employers

Employers who support  the journey to  parenthood and beyond, increase the likelihood of keeping happy staff in the workplace. Breeding a culture of valuing family life and encouraging parents to embrace their new role will result in happier confident staff and may reduce sickness levels.

Programme Content

This programme consists of three sessions, one during pregnancy and two after the baby is born. The programme is flexible in that the sessions can be booked to suit the needs of both the employee and the employer.

Session 1 - Preparing for Parenthood

This session is most useful in the early part of the pregnancy. It gives the opportunity to think about all the practicalities around having a pregnant partner and what might need to change as a result of having a baby on the way. It encourages the client to think about how involved he'd like to be in the pregnancy and birth and how he can achieve this whilst remaining professional in the workplace. By exploring his sub-personalities this session will  encourage an increase in self awareness for the prospective father, giving him the tools to remain professional at work whilst being supportive at home. It touches on paternity leave and how best he could use it to maximise the benefit.

Session 2 - Birth Debrief

The second session is during the first two months following the birth, when everything can seem a bit overwhelming and is offered to the client and his partner together.

Everyone hopes the birth will be a positive experience but sometimes it turns out to be completely different to what either parent was expecting. Whether it be positive or negative, it is a momentous event and new parents like to talk about it!

It is well evidenced that birth partners can be as affected by the birth as the woman herself and to have the opportunity to talk it through and understand what happened and why, will secure their emotional recovery and reduce the likelihood of birth related mental health issues.

Session 3 - Fatherhood and a New Identity

This session is offered around the six month mark and offers the opportunity to explore how the client is adapting to fatherhood and how he is feeling about his new identity. It can be beneficial to explore work life balance at this point, to gain an appreciation of what is now important and set goals around achieving balance.