Birth Debrief

Birth Debrief

Birth Debrief

This service may also be offered at no cost by your NHS maternity care provider.

Whether or not the birth went to plan, your birth experience is unique to you and is such a momentous event that you will want to talk about the details! Meg's insight and years of experience in supporting couples following traumatic birth means that she is well placed to guide you through your birth story, helping you to gain insight into what happened and why. It is useful if you have a copy of your maternity notes but not essential. Some couples take a copy of the written text before leaving hospital and it might be worth doing this before you are discharged.

Traumatic Birth

A traumatic birth experience can have a detrimental effect on your holistic wellbeing. If the birth didn't match your expectations and you are feeling emotionally raw, or you have unanswered questions, then a birth debrief could be really beneficial in helping to secure your mental and emotional recovery. Some women report issues with bonding and attachment, or feelings of inadequacy or a sense of having been cheated. Others have symptoms of  depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder and some couples have relationship problems. All of these things could stem from a difficult labour and birth and with a little bit of support from this service, you could see a marked improvement in the way you feel.


Some people like to talk it through soon after the birth and others don't feel ready until months or even years later. There is no right or wrong time to debrief and so the timing is a completely personal choice.

Who is it for?

Anyone who has been present at a birth; women who have laboured, birth partners (including grandmothers and friends as well as partners) and medical professionals such as midwives, maternity care assistants, theatre staff and doctors.

This service is offered as part of the 'Maternity Coaching' 'Paternity Coaching' and 'Parental Coaching' programmes but can also be accessed independently.


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